Australia’s Takeaway Habits Digested [Infographic]

Australia’s Takeaway Habits Digested [Infographic]

Takeaway delivery site Menulog has released a fresh report about Australia’s ordering habits; from when we most like to eat takeaway to our favourite dishes. According to its data, Australia’s most popular takeaway item is Margherita pizza, followed by Pad Thai and Butter Chicken. Check out the infographic for other interesting morsels.

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Menulog’s data represents the takeaway purchasing decisions of more than 500,000 patrons across 3,500 different takeaway restaurants. In a result that will shock nobody, pizza was the most popular cuisine choice based on Menulog orders. Somewhat more surprisingly, Margherita was the most popular topping choice, amounting to a massive 46 per cent of all pizza orders. By contrast, Pepperoni pizzas sat at just 5 per cent.

In terms of cuisine choices, Thai remains our go-to choice, with Pad Thai, Green Curry and Pad See Ew all making it into the Top 5. (Before foodies grumble, we realise Pad See Ew is technically a Lao dish, but it’s a popular fixture in most Thai restaurants. So ner.)

Check out the below infographic for some more Australian takeaway trends, including the most popular dish in each state and territory.

[Via Menulog]


  • Really, 46% of people order Margherita pizza? In my experience very few people order that. In my time at Pizza Hut (albeit that was 15 years ago now) Hawaiian and Meatlovers were much, much more popular.

    • This looks like it’s only taking into account takeaway from actual restaurants, not fast food places. And margheritas do seem to be ordered more frequently from these places.

  • Skewed results of course. More accurately, it should be “Menulog Members’ Takeaway Habits” as not everyone is:
    a) Using Menulog (in some cases, aren’t even aware of)
    b) Ordering from only 3500 or so restaurants

    What we can take away (heh) from this is a lot of Menulog customers like Margherita pizzas

    • Fair point. I added in Menulog’s customer stats, which are actually pretty substantial.

      • Awesome to see 🙂 not refuting the numbers mind you. It’s STILL a LOT of Margherita pizzas

  • so mcdonalds and kfc are out of business i take it, since they arent on this infographic

    • I don’t count fast food as “takeaway”, and neither it seems do the creators of the infographic (pizza isn’t counted as fast food if it’s from an actual restaurant).

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