Create The Ultimate Beer/Wine Pairing With This Palate-Based Infographic

Some people are big beer drinkers but don't know the first thing about wine. Similarly, there are plenty of wine connoisseurs that are clueless when it comes to beer. This handy infographic compares major wine types to their closest beer equivalents and vice versa.

Beer/wine picture from Shutterstock

US beer manufacturer Alphabet City Beer Co. created the below infographic in partnership with the wine website VinePair. It aims to pair up wine and beer varieties based on an individual's taste preference. For example, if you enjoy pale ale you should give Merlot a try, while fans of wheat beers are well suited to Chardonnay wine.

Whether you want to expand your taste palate to include unfamiliar alcohol or just want to ensure the drinks at your wedding don't clash, this expert pairings list is well worth a read. (Note: Some of the suggested beer and wine brands are US-centric, but you can easily substitute these for something else that shares the same chief ingredient.)

[Via Business Insider]


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