Grill'd Mac: I Put Big Mac Sauce On A Grill'd Burger And Created Something Magical

As part of its "Mac It Special" campaign, we were sent a bottle of Big Mac sauce. Rather than preserve it or flog it, I decided to take up the challenge of putting it on just about everything.

After a few unsuccessful attempts (do not attempt putting Big Mac sauce on chilli chips: big mistake), I decided to see what it tastes like on other burgers. I'm a fiend for a good burger, and often brave the churning regret of a Big Mac just to taste that delicious sauce. Now I could grab an excellent burger and combine it with excellent sauce to make magic between a bun.

I opted to create a Grill'd hybrid for my experiment. Grill'd are perfect as — in my opinion — they use some of the best ingredients combined with some of the most boring sauces, relishes and mayos. I think I can do better.

Here's how you do it:

• Order a Back Bar (Grilled 100% grass fed scotch fillet, crispy trim bacon, mesculin, feta, tomato, spanish onion, tomato relish, herbed mayo) • Ditch the relish, mayo and tomato (because tomato is awful and it has no place on a burger) • Grab a side of small chips with no dipping sauce (you have Mac sauce, remember!) • Apply three stripes of Big Mac sauce to the underside of each ciabatta slice so you have even coverage on the top and bottom of your Back Bar. • Grab a tiny container and fill it with sauce so you can dip your chips. • Devour.

The deliciously fresh ingredients of the Grill'd Back Bar mix so wonderfully with the amazing tanginess of the Big Mac sauce, bringing the best of two burger worlds together into one taste sensation.

Pick yourself up some Mac sauce while you can and make a Grill'd Mac: I promise you'll like it.

I have been making magic. Terrible, beautiful magic.

A photo posted by Luke Hopewell (@lukehopewell) on Feb 3, 2015 at 1:00am PST


    do not attempt putting Big Mac sauce on chilli chips: big mistake
    Well don't leave us hanging! What happens?

    How about trying the sauce with a proper hamburger from your local fish and chip shop as they are always 100% better than a burger you get from a chain (grill'd, aportos,maccas etc)

      actually.. if you came down to the south coast i would take you the best place to get a burger in my hometown, infact that could be a good article for you guys so instead taste testing the newest abomination from KFC and the like you could taste test different burgers and such from independant shops in local communities around the country

      Last edited 11/02/15 4:20 pm

      Yours might be exceptional but I'm fairly sure that if I ate anything from my local fish and chip shop I'd regret it all the way to hospital.

        This so much. All burgers or similar I've had from "local f&s shops" have been sloppy, greasy affairs that range from the unspeakably awful to the "hey, not so bad after all, what a surprise!" Grill'd for me has consistently gone from the "meh" at worst to absolutely scrumptious.

      They can be better than some chains. I've yet to see a fish and chip shop burger that is better than the higher end burger joints though. In most cases the only reason the fish and chip shop burger is perceived as better, is simply because they use less precise ingredients. More roughage. Usually the burgers patties themselves are greasy fatty wafer thing burnt to a crisp affairs, but people don't care as much because it's an "authentic" experience. Sometimes you just need to admit that places with process and procedure can produce a better product.

      I don't get this. I try and find decent burgers, chips etc from 'local fish and chip shops' and all they do is make me want to throw the half a litre of grease back up for hours afterwards.

      Either there isn't a single decent fish and chip shop in Tasmania, or, as I expect, this whole buying a 'proper hamburger from your local fish and chip shop' is complete and utter bullshit.

      Almost all the takeaway joints I've been to in Sydney are horrendous (but not all). You have a better chance of getting a good burger at a cafe in Sydney.

      EDIT: or the pub.

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    Fun fact: Big Mac sauce is basically 2 parts mayo, 1 part pickle relish, 1 part dijon with added sugar/white vinegar to taste. ;)

      That sounds like a lot of effort for something I can buy on its own...


    @Lukehopewell you need to make more Big Mac sauce abominations. I think that meat pies, croissants and some sort of pizza should suffice (not as one meal... unless you're game enough to try it)

    (because tomato is awful and it has no place on a burger)

    Oh man. Next you'll tell us pineapple doesn't belong on a pizza!

      Pineapple has no place on a burger that's for sure.

        Yes it does. However KFC decided to replace it with coleslaw, ew. They also decided to replace a hash brown with a second piece of chicken, just too much chicken, the hash brown added a different flavour that was nice.
        As for other burgers pineapple still has its place.


      When I am God-king, your kind shall be the first sacrificed to the all-consuming Maw of the Destroyer in a bid to buy time before the Infinity Device can be triggered to save us.

    • Ditch the relish, mayo and tomato (because tomato is awful and it has no place on a burger)

    Could not agree more

    I'm jealous that you got a bottle :(. We had to make do with the 20 single-serve tubs we bought at our local McDonalds drive-through.

    I would kill every single person in Gladstone to get a Grill'd here, although when I get back down to Brisbane every so often it is a nice treat.

    Also, tomato is great on a basic hamburger, but I wouldn't want any on my Grill'd burger.

      Kill everyone in Gladstone? Uh... you might wanna go see someone about your rage issues.

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