Macca’s Now Sells Big Mac ‘Special Sauce’ In Takeaway Tubs

Macca’s Now Sells Big Mac ‘Special Sauce’ In Takeaway Tubs

For more than 40 years, McDonald’s fans have been trying to replicate the Big Mac’s signature “special sauce” with varying levels of success. (You can read our own DIY efforts here.) Now, Australians will finally be able to splooge the distinctive condiment over their homemade burgers thanks to the introduction of sealed takeaway tubs. You’re going to need to stock up though — it’s only available for a limited time.

For the month of February, McDonald’s Australia will be selling Big Mac special sauce separately in 25ml tubs: just like those sweet-and-sour sauce containers that come with chicken McNuggets. The sauce will be available from 920 McDonald’s outlets across the country and will cost 50 cents apiece.

“Big Mac sauce is one of the most iconic McDonald’s ingredients and people often ask us where they can buy it, so we’re excited to be the first country in the world to offer tubs of Big Mac sauce to our customers,” McDonald’s CMO Australia Mark Lollback explained in a statement.

“I know of people who love adding our special sauce to all types of food — from French Fries to McNuggets — so it’s going to be interesting to see what Aussies choose to add a spot of Big Mac sauce to over the next month.”

In addition to the 25ml tubs, McDonald’s is auctioning a 500ml bottle of Special Sauce on eBay (pictured above). Proceeds from its sale will go to Ronald McDonald House Charities. The bottle is currently sitting at $19,200. McDonald’s is also rolling out a Big Mac Special Sauce vending machine as part of the campaign.

McDonald’s is limiting its run to just 600 tubs per store — once they sell out, that’s it. With any luck, the company will extend the promotion and bring the sauce to supermarkets, much like Nando’s has with its Peri Peri sauce range. For now though, you’ll need to buy in bulk and fill up your pantry while you’ve got the chance.


  • 19k??? serious?

    Just pay a pimply teenager $50 to pinch a 20L bag of it from the storeroom during their shift

  • Even more reason to draw the customers in, I don’t see the big deal with big mac sauce, or big macs in general. Flavourless pieces of meat between sugary bread, drowned in a sweet sauce to cover the fact everything else on it tastes like oil.

    I will settle for my roast dinner tonight

  • Is the special sauce meant to have flavor?

    I just drown my maccas in Sriracha when I have to eat it these days.

  • You could always get bigmac sauce in a “lid” (another word for container for some strange reason) you’ll likely get more sauce for the same price. Ask for “Mac sauce in a lid” and they should know.

    • When i worked there it was 50c a “squirt”.

      Squirt being the sauce gun that was used for it.

      But I always gave people more

      • Yeah I do maybe 3 shots and actually fill the container. Mostly cause when i want big mac sauce i want a full container. I get mad if everyone else only fills it 1/4th the way, so do customers and then throwing a tantrum.

        • Probably because we were using a sundae lid that was massive to the amount of sauce we gave. At one point there was a smaller container for croutons, so i would use that when we had them.

  • Here’s my special sauce recipe, pretty close me thinks:
    4 parts mayo
    2 parts tomato sauce
    1 part american mustard
    small amount of very finely diced raw onion
    -can’t say I ever add pickles, but you could

  • Just went and picked some up from my local for fish finger burgers tonight.

    Both the server and crew trainer pointed to the promo sign stating 50c each, and only proceeded to charge me 40c each — score !!

    • Ahhh so it’s not just us, we were charged 40c each too but thought it might have been a mistake. I’m certainly not complaining.

      I told my partner about this on our drive home from work this afternoon. When he heard about it his jaw dropped and he immediately drove us to the nearest McDonalds drive through. He then proceeded to order 20 of the tubs, much to the amusement of the drive through staff.

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