10 More Ways To Infuriate People On Social Media

10 More Ways To Infuriate People On Social Media

Earlier in the week, we looked at ten social media faux pas that were guaranteed to annoy your followers — from “sexy” selfies to endless fitness updates. Sadly, we barely scraped the bottom of the barrel. Against our better judgement, we’ve decided to share ten more ways to be a horrible person on Facebook, Instsgram and Twitter. If you indulge in any of these practices, you’ve clearly taken /”Evil Week” too far.

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Be insufferably “lovey-dovey”

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Instagram your food. (All of it.)

Rant ignorantly/obnoxiously about politics


Post incessant holiday snaps


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Retweet vacuous celebrities

Share awful news stories

Post enormous status updates


Join “Gamergate”

any doxx

Constantly update your profile pic

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Refuse to swipe right on my Tinder profile

Seriously, what’s up with that?

Got any social media pet peeves of your own? Share what really burns your custard in the comments section below!

Lifehacker’s Evil Week highlights the dark side of life hacking. How you use that knowledge is up to you.


  • I had a friend on Facebook post a viral video from a Japanese game, it involved someone being teleported away from being hit by a car, and they had comments like “It’s a true miracle” and “This is proof god exists”, I was more than happy to shoot down their stupidity and point them in the direction of the actual video. Another friend posted some shit about how soul mates are atoms that were near each other at the big bang and they find each other again no matter what and someone commented that they had used science to prove soul mates, posted them a link about how every 5 years or so every atom in the human body is replaced over that period of time.

    Social media lets people share crap that is half truths or out right BS, I like to put some reality back into their lives

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