10 Classic Evil Week Posts From The Archives

10 Classic Evil Week Posts From The Archives

Every year, Lifehacker celebrates the dark side of life hacking with Evil Week. As this year’s edition winds down, it’s time to revisit some classics from the past.

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10. How To Create An Ultra-Private BitTorrent Community For You And Your Friends

9. How To Be An Effective Liar

8. A Guide To Sniffing Out Passwords And Cookies (And How To Protect Yourself Against It)

7. 10 Surprisingly Inspirational Quotes From Evil People

6. Five Things Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Confidence

5. How To Stop Caring About Trolls And Get On With Your Life

4. Top 10 Ways To Act Like A Self-Centred Jerk On Public Transport

3. How To Master The Art Of Looking Busy

2. How To Take The Perfect Nude Selfie

1. How To Get Repairs Without A Warranty

As an added bonus, if you missed any of this year’s Evil Week posts, here’s a handy roundup:

Lifehacker’s Evil Week highlights the dark side of life hacking. How you use that knowledge is up to you.