Last Week's 10 Biggest Posts

It was Evil Week here at Lifehacker, and you lapped up advice on network protection and travel hassles, as well as NBN developments and steak at McDonald's. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. How To See The Halley's Comet Meteor Showers This Week
    This week, Australian skies will be filled with meteor activity thanks to Halley's Comet. Expert astronomers Jonti Horner and Tanya Hill explain what's happening and how best to see it.
  2. The First 140 Suburbs Which Will Get NBN Fibre To The Node
    I guess it's better to be in a suburb where fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) NBN connections are promised than to be in one where no-one knows what's happening. NBN Co has released a list of the first 140 suburbs that will be set up.
  3. 10 Movies So Bad, Downloading Them Would Be A Crime
  4. Sneaky Ways To Save Money With Transport Smart Cards
    Almost every Australian capital city now uses travel smart cards as its main ticketing method. Looking to save money while using one of these cards? Check out these tips.
  5. Top 10 Ways To Be A Horrible Person On Social Media
    It's Evil Week here at Lifehacker, which means sharing tips from the dark side of life. With that in mind, here are ten social media faux pas that are guaranteed to infuriate your followers and significantly lower the bar for all of humanity. Haters gonna hate.
  6. Plane Evil: Top 10 Ways To Annoy Fellow Airline Passengers
    Who's the most important person on the plane? You, of course. Make sure everyone else knows it with these sky-high douchebag tips.
  7. Be A 'Disgruntled Moviegoer' To Scam Free Tickets
    These days, a trip to the cinema can cost up to $30 per person — and that's if you go easy on the snack bar and veto 3-D. For those sick of paying exorbitant ticket prices, here's an almost foolproof ploy to score two movie screenings for the price of one. (Note: Some "acting" may be required.)
  8. Taste Test: We Feed McDonald's Steak McWrap To A Professional Food Critic
    The Steak and BBQ McWrap is the latest addition to McDonald's premium "Real Choices" menu. Its main claim to fame is the use of real rump steak which is supposed to transform Aussie lunches from "ordinary to extraordinary". To put these lofty claims to the test, we enlisted the taste buds of Simon Thomsen, a professional food critic who has sworn off McDonald's for decades. Things get a little messy.
  9. Ask LH: Has Foxtel Been Censoring 'Game Of Thrones' For Classification Purposes?
    Dear Lifehacker, I know Foxtel doesn't always show fully-uncut films on its movie channels. I'm wondering whether it also trims "inappropriate" content from TV shows? The reason I ask is because Game of Thrones is classified R18+ on DVD but only MA15+ on Foxtel's Showcase channel.
  10. How To Tap Your Network And See Everything That Happens On It
    Your home network is your fortress. Inside it lies tons of valuable information — unencrypted files, personal, private data, and perhaps most importantly, computers that can be hijacked and used for any purpose. Let's talk about how you can, with the power of evil, sniff around your home network to make sure you don't have any uninvited guests.


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