evil week

  • How To Cheat At A Step Counting Challenge

    A Fitbit or other step counting challenge can be a great way to inspire yourself to be active. But then again, it’s easier to just sit on the couch and pretend you’re logging tons of steps. Here are a few ways to game the system, even though ultimately you’re just cheating yourself.

  • This Cake Has A Terrible Secret

    I am not the hugest fan of food-based practical jokes. Feeding people things without their consent is not cute or funny, but pulling the ol’ bait and switch can be amusing (to you) as long as it occurs before anyone has ingested anything against their will.

  • Welcome To Evil Week 2019!

    Every year, Lifehacker celebrates the dark side of life-hacking with Evil Week. From today, we’ll be highlighting all the things you shouldn’t do – assuming you’re a good person. Let the trolling begin!