Welcome To Lifehacker Evil Week 2014

At Lifehacker HQ, October means one thing: Evil Week. Welcome to the 2014 version of our annual guide to the dark side.

Throughout the week, we'll be highlighting all the things you shouldn't do: the life hacks that can make life better for you and worse for others. That doesn't mean that we're advocating everyone acting like a total jerk all the time.

Knowledge is power, and how you exercise that power is up to you. Even if you're as pure as the driven snow, knowing how others can be evil to you gives you a chance to fight back.

Stay tuned throughout the week for our favourite evil life hacks, and offer up your own suggestions for topics in the comments.


    I read somewhere (slashdot I think) that when a certain percentage of people disregard certain road rules, traffic flows much better.

      for sure, if they get caught and lose their licenses then less people on the road "Win win" :-P

        Found it!
        Here it is if you are interested.

    I know this is all just for fun, but have you thought about the fact that evil is evil?
    And just at the moment we have more than enough evil in the world!

    These tips are semi-evil. They're quasi-evil. They're the margarine of evil. They're the Diet Coke of evil. Just one calorie, not evil enough.

    But I do love evil week. The posts so far have been quite good.

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