Avoid Drunkenness With The ‘Half Glass Full’ Rule

Avoid Drunkenness With The ‘Half Glass Full’ Rule

A scientific study has found that drinkers who consistently follow the same pouring rule tend to stay sober for longer. Applying the “half-glass” rule or “two-fingers-from-the-top” rule can cut down on your drink size by as much as 20 per cent.

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Researchers from Iowa State and Cornell University studied the relation between wine consumption and different pouring scenarios among young adults. They found that over-pouring can be easily controlled by adopting a personal rule of thumb, such as always pouring half a glass of wine, no matter the size of the glass.

Indeed, using the “half glass” rule-of-thumb reduced the volume of wine poured by over 20 per cent. The results were the same for both men and women. This substantially reduced the pours by men at high BMI levels.

“We would suggest using a rule of thumb with pouring because it makes a big difference in how much people pour and prevents them from overdrinking,” co-author Laura Smarandescu explained in a statement.

While the study only analysed pouring, it stands to reason that smaller drink sizes translates to less consumption; especially in social situations where it’s not deemed acceptable to constantly refill your glass.

“Increasing awareness of pouring biases represents an early and effective step toward curbing alcohol consumption among men, and especially those who are overweight,” the report concludes. “Additionally, using a simple “half glass” rule-of-thumb may be an effective way to curb overpouring, despite non-standard glass sizes.”

So if you want to remain sober and sensible, stick to a general rule of pouring instead of keeping track of each and every drink.

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  • and how on earth do you keep track of every drink? Let me see, that was a bourbon, then before it was two scotchs…no, no; first it was a beer, or was it two? then a brandy and dry followed by a vodka shot…or was it schnapps? No…let’s start again…a glass of wine at home, a couple of ciders at the pub, then some shots…now; think straight…two glasses of cider at home; some wine at the pub, can’t remember how much now, some shots, then a scotch and it was two bourbons…sheesh, glad I’m walking home.

  • “So if you want to remain sober and sensible, stick to a general rule of pouring instead of keeping track of each and every drink.”

    Or KEEP tracking your drinks, because that’s what’s getting you drunk. Especially if you’re at a pub because you’re not pouring your own drinks.

    • Plus with the price of drinks in pubs and clubs these days, you want them to fill it to the damned top!

      • Hell yes! I hate these craft pubs that are cropping up everywhere. Just because you’re all 22 with ned kelly beards and are happy to pay $11 for a stubby doesn’t mean I am!

        $11 for a stubby is just ridiculous.

          • Where are you? Most of the ones in Brissy only sell schooners. I tend to stick to schooners personally though. It’s more expensive, but I like to buy the smaller size. Because I don’t get as drunk.

          • Canberra, pint is almost becoming the norm for a beer in recent places here now. The trick is not to drink them as quickly as a schooner haha.

          • Hahaha. I’ve been there, done that! And all of my work mates drink HARD. So I try to have 1 for their 2 and sit on sips. Because otherwise I end up hammered and I just don’t want to do that anymore. I really hate waking up the next day and having black spots in my memory.

  • I keep track of drinks. Early in the night using a shot glass. Then looking at how little booze is in the glass and then pour in another half a shot, or full shot, or top it up. As the night goes on, I eventually just start pouring straight into the glass and the amount goes up and up.

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