Prevent Yourself From Over Drinking Wine With The Right Glass And Pour

Prevent Yourself From Over Drinking Wine With The Right Glass And Pour

‘Tis the season to indulge, but if you don’t want to go overboard with your wine drinking, you might be able to trick yourself into drinking less by changing the way you pour wine and the wine glasses you use.

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A Cornell University study of 73 wine drinkers during happy hour found that people tend to overpour wine when:

  • Pouring into wide red wine glasses (12% more than when using narrow white wine glasses)
  • Holding the wine glass (12% more than when pouring into a glass on the table)
  • Pouring white wine (9% more than pouring red wine, because the white is harder to see)

So the takeaway is to use a narrow glass and put it on the table when pouring, and if you’re drinking white wine know that you might have a tendency to pour more than you intend to.

Not a wine drinker? You can slow down your beer drinking too by choosing a straight glass.

Your wine glass and whether you hold it determines how much you pour [Cornell University Food and Brand Lab]


  • Glass shape isn’t just for looks, it really does have an effect on the taste. It’s not huge, but it is definitely noticeable, even to people without training (like me). So, drink red wine out of red wine glasses and white wine out of white wine glasses. It’s what they’re for.

    (there are actually different glass style for different grape varieties, but that’s starting to get a little silly)

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