Use A Drinking Straw To Remove Cork Crumbs From A Wine Bottle

Use a Drinking Straw to Remove Cork Crumbs from a Wine Bottle

If you've ever had a cork break up while you're trying to open a bottle of wine, you know it sucks. Instead of straining it or pouring cork into your guests' glasses, grab a simple drinking straw. Put the straw over the bits of cork, put your finger over the top to create suction, and lift the cork bit right out.

It's a simple tip, and it works like a charm. Best of all, it will work with bigger chunks too, as long as you get good suction. Of course, if you plan to decant the wine, pouring it through a strainer or some cheesecloth will catch those bits anyway, but if it's going directly from bottle to glass, give this a try.

Test Kitchen: #QuickTip Got some cork crumbs in your wine bottle... [America's Test Kitchen (Twitter)]


    For a better result to this worthy suggestion.

    * Place straw near cork fragment in wine
    * place other end in mouth
    * ignore the guests

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