The Best Google Easter Eggs For IT Pros

The Best Google Easter Eggs For IT Pros

Many of Google’s Easter eggs maintain a deeply geeky flavour. With an ancient HTML-related gag joining the collection this week, we’re celebrating the hidden search tricks and jokes that IT professionals will appreciate more than the average mug punter.

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Disappointingly, Google has killed some of its geekier jokes: searching for “binary” no longer shows the number of results in binary digits, for instance. Obvious but vital note: don’t include the quote marks with any of these search terms.

The Blink Search

The newest addition to Google’s arsenal: search for “blink html” or “blink tag” and everything will blink. This was ugly in the 1990s and it’s ugly now.


Search for “recursion”. “Did you mean: recursion?” Google asks. Strangely, I never tire of this.

Conway’s Game Of Life

Search for “Conway’s Game Of Life” and a version of this well-known life simulation appears on the screen. Coding The Game Of Life is a common task set in programming courses.


Yes, the TARDIS interior needs to be on Street View, and yes, this is relevant to IT pros. Don’t question us on this. Just visit this link and then press the Up key on your keyboard.


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