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The photo above was taken at an IGA store on the 29th of January. This year, Easter Sunday takes place in April. Bloody hell.


Easter is the most important feast day on the Christian calendar: a celebration centered around Jesus Christ rising from the dead. So, what does egg-hiding, floppy-eared bunnies and chocolate have to do with any of that?


I honestly expected these all to be Pinterest fails. There are so many gorgeous Easter egg techniques out there -- and so many Pinterest tricks that fall flat -- that I was shocked these seven actually worked. (Can't say the same for these natural dyes, though.) Six were foolproof and one, the nail polish marbling, gave mixed results -- but when it worked, it was jaw-droppingly good.


Can you really make dyes in all colours of the rainbow with vegetable scraps and other earthy organic things? A ton of Pinterest posts claim that you can. We wanted to be sure. So we tested some of the recipes and found that some work beautifully, while others just give you different shades of brown.


Hover was originally included as a bonus game on the CD-ROM version of Windows 95. Microsoft has recreated it as an updated online game to demonstrate the capabilities of Internet Explorer 11 -- but that game also includes a hidden Easter Egg that recreates the Windows 95 version.


It's nearly Easter time again, which means abstaining from meat for some and gorging on chocolate for others. If you're watching your weight and fall into the latter camp, here are some activities you can do in place of the traditional easter egg hunt.