Google Maps Easter Egg Lets You Explore Doctor Who’s TARDIS

Google Maps Easter Egg Lets You Explore Doctor Who’s TARDIS

We love Google Easter Eggs, and this one is even better than any of last week’s new YouTube offerings: an option that lets you explore the inside of the TARDIS console room via Street View. Yep, it turns out even Google Maps is bigger on the inside.

To check out the TARDIS, visit this link and either click on the double-arrow you see near the bottom of the screen or press the Up key on your keyboard. (The latter works better if you’re in the new Google Maps interface).

Sadly, you don’t seem able to activate the TARDIS using standard Google keyboard shortcuts (we’d suggest j to go back an hour, k to move forward).

Google Maps Has An Incredible Doctor Who Easter Egg [Jalopnik]


  • Looks like the Street View trike couldn’t get further than the console room. I wonder if there’s a Google engineer still lost in there, cycling up and down endless corridors

  • I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t get through the doors downstairs and go for a leisurely stroll forever.

    • Yeah, it would be a nice addition to the Easter egg to at least have an infinitely repeating corridor or something. Perhaps with intersections at specific intervals, but still repeating infinitely.

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