Would You Buy A $50 Pizza From Domino's?

Late last year, Domino's introduced the $50 Wagyu Duet in a apparent bid to take on upmarket pizza chain Crust. It comprised a double serve of rectangular pizza topped with an assortment of premium ingredients including wagyu rib fillet, air-dried wagyu bresaola, sliced wagyu sausage and truffle hollandaise. Now the pizzas are back for a (slightly) cheaper asking price.

The Domino's 'World Class Wagyu' range consist of the Wagyu 3 Ways (wagyu rib fillet, air-dried wagyu bresaola, sliced wagyu sausage, smoked rasher bacon, ground beef, mozzarella on a BBQ base, finished with a drizzle of tomato capsicum sauce) and the Wagyu & Truffle Hollandaise (wagyu rib fillet, camembert slices, cherry tomatoes, sliced red onion, topped with mozzarella and a drizzle of truffle hollandaise). They have an energy count of 7140kJ and 6180kJ, respectively.

The wagyu used on the pizzas has a marble score of '6+' (wagyu beef can score between 4 and 12). Domino’s reckons that two World Class Wagyu pizzas is enough to feed over four people, although it neglected to mention how many slices each person gets.

The pizzas were originally only available paired in a specially designed box, but you can now order them individually for $19.95 each. Curiously, the price is the same whether you pick them up in store or get them home delivered.

We feel its worth mentioning that most of the ingredients on these premium pizzas are actually from the Chef's Best range; camembert cheese, cherry tomatoes, red onion, smoked rasher bacon, ground beef and tomato capsicum sauce can all be added to any pizza. So the only deluxe topping you're really getting is the wagyu beef.

The Domino's World Class Wagyu range will be available for a limited time only.

Has anyone tried the World Class Wagyu range yet? Was it worth the money? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    These need a takeaway truth article

    I think we need a Takeaway Truth, Chris!

    A Takeaway Truth/Taste-Test is definitely on the cards.

    You know I really think we need a takeaway truth article on these.

    To answer the question, initial thoughts are "hell no"
    I have no doubt in my mind that i'd open the box expecting to see gourmet pizzas with nice ingredients, but I'd more than likely open it and see a poorly made, lightly topped pizza with 4 small slices of dried up wagyu that may or may not be the cheapest beef they could find.

      Before I'd actually consumed one with my very own mouth, I'd probably have agreed with you. I can confirm though, this time, they pretty much look just like the picture. Well, it did the one time I got them, at least.

    It can have all those 'fancy' ingredients on it, but if it's prepared on badly made dough and cooked by someone being paid peanuts then all those quality ingredients go to waste.

    Stating that beef is 'Wagyu' isn't a reliable indicator of quality either without knowing anything else.

      At least in our store, there are only three people that are allowed to make these. To make sure they're the best they can be.

    I actually did buy this one evening, along with an assortment of desserts. I didn't intend on eating both pizzas and all the desserts (okay maybe I always knew the desserts didin't stand a chance), but alas, I succumbed to gluttony. I think that one meal clocked me over 20000kJs. $65 worth of Domino's destroyed in one sitting. Wasn't quite sure how I should feel about this.
    Anywho, back to the taste. Umm, I actually found both pizzas quite delicious. They are certainly of higher quality than their regular pizzas and packed on more densely than the generally sparse Chef's Best pizza toppings.
    Is one of them worth $20? No. Absolutely not. If I want pizza in that price range, I'll be taking myself to the nearest good Italian restaurant and getting myself a proper pizza. And for maybe another $5, a pizza almost double the size of a Chef's Best.
    That Domino's Salted Caramel Chocolate Mousse tho. Where can I get a 5kg tub?

    I was initially a little interested. I'm usually willing enough to try new items the various chains put out once, even for those I feel are probably a bit overpriced, and where I'm a little sceptical I'll get a reasonable meal.

    However, they're wanting me to believe that a low end pizza joint can churn out high end goods, just because the price tag is higher? I don't think so. Scepticism hit 100%.

    (Note: There's nothing wrong with being a low end pizza joint. The pizzas being thrown together by 14 year olds who just don't care help to keep it cheap if that's what you're after on the night)

    Well that's dinner sorted, on second thought I'll just stick to the $7 chef best meat lovers deluxe, a tasty pizza for the price.

    No I wouldn't pay $50 for a pizza, certainly not a take away pizza, but I will say that Dominos pizza has improved a lot. I bought some the other day and they rival Pizza Hut, whereas before Dominos was quite awful.

      I've found almost all the pizza chains have been equally dire lately (including Eagle Boys, who used to be better). For example, if you get a pepperoni pizza each slice will have perhaps three slices of pepperoni. If you pay to double the toppings you might get four. If you get a chicken pizza each piece has exactly one piece of chicken on it. It's absolutely pathetic.

      I want to buy one of the pizzas they show in the ads, which have at least twice as many toppings as the ones they sell.

      I'd like to see a Takeaway Truth article comparing topping levels with the pictures.

      Seriously, next time you get a pizza take a photo then compare it with what's shown in the brochures and on the web sites. It's night and day.

        The Mrs orders the pizza so I don't really know what we got, but it was probably the Chefs specials, and they were square. Not the best pizza, but good to very good - and the toppings were the best part - the dough let it down a little. So personally I wouldn't fault them. Garlic bread was a bit ho hum though, as was the chicken wings.

        We've been very happy with Pizza Hut the last few years too.

          I sent a complaint to Eagle Boys last month and when the offered a voucher as compensation. I refused, basically saying getting a voucher for yet another substandard pizza wasn't sufficient compensation, and sent them a couple of photos I'd taken from my last order.

          The head office agreed the pizzas were substandard, gave me a full refund and is sending somebody around to my local branch to advise them on how to make pizzas properly. :-)

          Ordered from Dominos a couple of weeks ago and they were OK. Not great, but OK - Dominos pizzas seem to be a bit smaller than the other franchises, so it's not really an even comparison.

    My initial thought is how the heck do you actually know it's wagyu beef and not just the cheap cut the manager bought at the local IGA...?

      Because it wouldn't be profitable for every manager of every Dominoes chain to buy "cheap" meat from the supermarket. They would work out some kind of deal, nationally, for wagyu in bulk. Dominoes would be placing a larger order for wagyu beef than virtually any other company, so they could get it cheaply. And I would imagine you can tell by eating it how good the meat is. Cheap beef is chewy and not marbled.

    That's a problem for me, I like my pizza to be round not square. Won't eat or buy square pizza.

    Bought the 'duet' when it came out one night on a whim. It was pretty funny. The store rang me to confirm straight away, then the delivery guy was under instructions to take photos of me receiving the pizza (which i hope never see the light of day because i was high as shit) then about 2hrs later i get another phone call asking for a review. Obviously they don't sell too many!

    The pizza?...the wagyu 3 ways was a bit too much to be honest, the truffle hollandaise one was nice though. Wouldn't go out of my way to eat either in a hurry at that price point. If you haven't tried em you're not missing much.

    I think I will skip this one, based upon the cruelty in production.

    I'll stick to King Island beef.

    sounds good in theory but the Corporate owned Domino's store nearest me can't even get the basics right

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