McDonald’s Is Launching A Deluxe Wagyu Beef Burger

McDonald’s Is Launching A Deluxe Wagyu Beef Burger
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For a limited time, McDonald’s Australia is trading in its Angus beef patties for superior wagyu – and the fruit of its labour will be available from tomorrow! Here are the details.

McDonald’s is being uncharacteristically coy about its new burger – we didn’t receive an official press release and the company’s Facebook page only makes mention of a “world’s first” product landing on Wednesday. Earlier today, a handful of patrons were invited to try the burger outside McDonald’s flagship store in Circular Quay – behind closed curtains and only after signing an NDA.

This air of mystery is an obvious marketing stunt to drum up additional interest in its new burger – but it looks like they may have good reason to hype it. As mentioned, we can confirm that the burger uses genuine wagyu beef (the presumed “world’s first” from the Facebook teaser post.)

The patty is apparently 100 per cent Australian-bred wagyu beef sourced from Queensland farmers. In addition, the burger comes with a new-look gourmet bun, crispy bacon and a new tangy sauce. The toppings are rounded out by tomato, lettuce, caramelised onion and a slice of Coon Cheese.

We’re still waiting on price and nutritional information, but it’s safe to assume the Wagyu Beef Burger will be a little bit indulgent on both counts. It’s clearly earmarked for the Gourmet Creation section of Macca’s menu – which means a higher price tag and more kilojoules.

All will be revealed after McDonald’s breakfast service tomorrow. Stay tuned for the obligatory Takeaway Truth and taste test, coming soon.

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