Domino's 'Game Changing' Chef's Best Range: Crust Redux?

After a week of taste bud-teasing on Facebook and Twitter, Domino's Pizza has finally unveiled its "game changing" announcement: a handful of square pizzas. The new 'Chef's Best' range boasts rectangular bases, 'premium' toppings and a slightly lower kilojoule count per slice compared to the regular range.

The guys and girls at Domino's marketing department clearly need to lay off the hyperbole. "Get ready for our biggest announcement in 20 years #gamechanger," the company crowed on its Facebook page. Wow. Could Domino's be launching a proper sit-in restaurant, perhaps? Or maybe a free home delivery service?

It turns out the big news is a range of premium square-shaped pizzas suspiciously similar to Crust Pizza. Talk about overselling an announcement. Here's the new range in full, complete with kilojoule count per pizza/slice.

  • Grand Supreme: 4728kJ (788kJ per slice)
  • Loaded Meatlovers: 4470kJ (745kJ per slice)
  • Deli Vege & Camembert: 3954kJ (659kJ per slice)
  • Chicken & Camembert: 4560kJ (760kJ per slice)
  • BBQ Duck & Blue Cheese: 4686kJ (781kJ per slice)
  • Shiraz Lamb & Tomato: 4236kJ (706kJ per slice)
  • BBQ Pork & Hollandaise: 4194kJ (699kJ per slice)

The new Chef's Best range stacks up pretty favourably against the regular menu in terms of kJ count. The fattiest option (Grand Supreme) boasts 788kJ per slice, which is 242 fewer kilojoules than the regular menu's worst offender (Blue Cheese & Bacon). That said, they are still a long way from a healthy dining option. Four slices of Deli Vege & Camembert amounts to 3040kJ, which is the equivalent of three-and-a-half pieces of KFC original recipe.


    I guess it's hard to say I'm disappointed when I was not expecting much to begin with but here goes.

    "I'm disappointed."

    The chef's best range is not new, and two from two times that I've tried any of them I promised myself I'd never have it again.

    Meh... I don't order in Pizza for my waist line. These actually look pretty good too. Think this Saturday might be Pizza night..

    Not bad for $8, not bad at all.Far from a gamechanger of course!

    Great. Even more bloody categories (read: price tiers) - exactly what fast food pizza needed to revitalise its image... NOT.

    I might have possibly been slightly excited by this, except:

    1) it's Dominoes, which I primarily associate with undersized pizzas and skimpy toppings
    2) the 'game changer' had me expecting something more interesting (eg eat-in restaurants like Pizza Hut had back in the day, a proper range of full-size dessert pizzas unlike the token mini dessert pizzas of Eagle Boys, Subway-style exotic bases like an Italian Herb and Parmesan wholegrain crust, etc etc).

    Yet another 'gourmet' pizza range is so crap-tastically yawn-worthy I'm not going to bother even looking at what they are.

      If someone wants a REAL game changer in Australia, introduce the big floppy New York style pizzas as a standard menu option in a major chain, and promote the hell out of it with big discounts on nights with events like big NRL games. THAT will be a game changer.

        I remember when Pizza Hut had the New York Style pizzas 10+ years ago, not only were they decent but they were economic and a real size, none of this crap that's no bigger than what seems a bread & butter plate these days.

      There's still a Eat in Pizza Hut near me :)

    Didn't they already have basically the same ones anyway? The ones I always ignore because I can't go past a pepperoni pizza? awww yeah.

    Try going to a REAL pizza store!! It's not hard to ask for a thin base either

    These pizzas are crap and will always be crap

    Dominos don't have anchovies on any of their pizzas, and the toppings are very sparse.
    Not a fan. I wouldn't be interested in any pizzas from Dominos again.

      i added anchovies to my last domino's pizza, and dam there was alot

    They announced they were making the biggest change in 50 years about 2 years ago when they brought in the new recipe for there crust :/

    So you're telling me they closed all stores across New Zealand to introduce another range of rectangular pizzas? Right.

    I see what they have done, now you can see more toppings then you can the base!

    Sadly the flavours would have worked but for the poor quality of a few key ingredients. Also the chef choice pizza's are half the size now but with lots of toppings

    Long life Camembert cheese has “no flavour” and a bad choice for topping, Camembert has is a very mild taste Brie it cousin is firmer and slightly stronger flavour would have worked better. This is true for most of the chef collection, duck is nice but the blue cheese is too strong a milder creamer Costello would have been a better choice with plash of lemon juice to cut throw the oiliness of the cheese. I could go on but why should i have too they pay people to test and develop new I ideas.

    I would think the lower KJ count is most likely because the pizzas look smaller than the traditional/value range. Smaller slices = less Kj. Its nothing to do with the toppings.

    Also, the video we looked at in the "preview email" said "limited time only" so either the price is going to go up to what it was before for the "chefs best" pizzas that have been around for months, or this game change is only temporary.

    i try to keep one of these in the freezer. prob the tastiest frozen pizza ive ever had.


      Those and the Dr Oetker Ristorante range (particularly Bolognese and Pepperoni) are the only frozen pizzas I will even tolerate in my kitchen.

      And as for Domino's... Blech. Salty cardboard not worth the calories.

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