Taste Test: Are Domino’s $20 Wagyu Pizzas Worth The Money?

Taste Test: Are Domino’s $20 Wagyu Pizzas Worth The Money?

A few weeks ago, we put Domino’s Wagyu Duet Pizza under the Takeaway Truth spotlight and found it to be surprisingly accurate — it ended up with an honesty rating of 7/10. Several readers wanted to know how it actually tasted. Here is our verdict.

Domino’s deluxe ‘World-class Wagyu’ range comprises two different pizzas: the ‘Wagyu 3 Ways’ (wagyu rib fillet, air-dried wagyu bresaola, sliced wagyu sausage, smoked rasher bacon, ground beef, mozzarella on a BBQ base, finished with a drizzle of tomato capsicum sauce) and the ‘Wagyu & Truffle Hollandaise’ (wagyu rib fillet, camembert slices, cherry tomatoes, sliced red onion, topped with mozzarella and a drizzle of truffle hollandaise).

The hero ingredient on both pizzas is wagyu steak, which has a marble score of ‘6+’ (wagyu beef can score between 4 and 12). If Domino’s marketing spiel can be believed, the beef used on these pizzas would cost you around $100 per kilogram at the butchers. They conspicuously failed to mention the amount you get on each pizza though, which makes this tidbit somewhat irrelevant.

Originally sold together as a $50 combo, the pizzas can now be purchased seperately for $19.95 per pizza.

This works out at a slightly more reasonable price of $39.90 per pair. Nevertheless, that’s still shockingly high for a fast food pizza; for the same price you could pick up four Domino’s Value Pizzas and still have money left over for a garlic bread. To make this good value for money, it would need to taste four times as good.

While I wouldn’t go as far as that, the World-class Wagyu is easily the best-tasting pizza I’ve ever ordered from Domino’s. The Wagyu 3 Ways was especially delicious thanks to its great balance of flavours. I was also impressed by the quality of the steak; each piece was thick and appropriately juicy with a touch of fat remaining for added flavour.

Taste Test: Are Domino’s $20 Wagyu Pizzas Worth The Money?Wagyu beef strip

Personally, I was less enamored with the Wagyu & Truffle Hollandaise version: it seems to have less ingredients and there was far too much hollandaise sauce which made it taste overly rich. It left me feeling bloated, and not in a good way.

If you’re going to indulge in an overpriced pizza, you’re probably still better off going to Crust — if only because they have a larger variety of premium toppings. But for die-hard Domino’s fans, the World-class Wagyu is worth experiencing at least once; just make sure you go for the Wagyu 3 Ways version.

Taste Test: Are Domino’s $20 Wagyu Pizzas Worth The Money?Wagyu 3 Ways

Wagyu 3 Ways Score: 8/10

Wagyu & Truffle Hollandaise: 6/10


  • What, a Domino’s pizza that tastes like something other than salty cardboard?!

    Still wouldn’t pay $20 for it. Not when there’s so many awesome independent pizza places around.

    • There are two possible explanations here:

      1. The typo was deliberately used by Domino’s to avoid accusations of false advertising.

      2. I stuffed up.

      Feel free to draw your own conclusions.

  • Waygu beef are generally crated so they can not move, movement reduces the marbelling and increases muscles. Most of the animal’s three year life is spent immobilised in it’s own faeces, it’s own digestive system breaking down and needing to be kickstarted with beer. The farmer needs to massage the animal near slaughter to reduce the pain enough so it can take the few steps it will make in it’s whole life.

    Like fois gras, Waygu is an extremely inhumane method of food production. Overfeeding an animal to unhealthy state, a state where it’s fat is prized and encouraged.

    Some people have given up caged eggs trying to be somewhat ethical, but here we have something far more sinister and cruel.

    3 painful years of life, immobilised and force fed so that the ultimate marble of fat can form without muscle.

    • It’s also delicious, so why don’t you use that great ethical intellect of yours to reproduce the same flavour another way rather then trying to make people feel bad on the internet?

    • I don’t know why hipsters use hyperbole and exaggeration to get their (socially inherited) moral points across. People will never give you the empathy you crave if you don’t practice arguing the way you’re supposed to live your life; free from generalisations and prejudice. Prejudice isn’t just when people are being unfair to your values and generalisation never helps your position. The process is almost nothing like fois gras and i suggest you do a little more research because the “generally” in your post takes some pretty extreme liberties with reality.

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