WordPress Now Has An Australian English Install

WordPress Now Has An Australian English Install

Bonza. You’re no longer stuck with the almost-but-not-quite approach of using British English or the all-too-common-default of US English when installing WordPress. There’s now a full Australian English version to use instead.

The Australian English install is current for version 3.7.1, and future updates will automatically deliver the appropriate translation. The install site also has details on how to implement Australian English on an existing installation.

WordPress: English (Australia)


  • @anguskidman, I was just reading one of your articles on APC moments ago, I never realised you used to write for them! From a time when ‘the internet’ needed a magazine! 😛

  • I wonder what is different from the English British dictionary to the English Australian. Most unique Australian words are slang anyway which should not be encouraged and if anything should be ‘corrected’ to the British English equivalent. God save the Queen!

    • There’s a few Americanisms creeping in, though. Program over programme, for example. I’m pretty sure there’s a few slight differences in punctuation, date formats etc.

  • Awesome.

    I wish more entities would pick up WordPresses lead and use Australian spelling and words instead of American.

    YES Angus am looking squarely at you, if you must regurgitate American articles as space fillers please at least have the decency to change the headlines as a minimum into Australian English.

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