SwiftKey Adds Australian Language Support, On Sale For $1.99

Android: SwiftKey has long been one of our favourite Android replacement keyboards. It's about to get a lot better for Australian users, with a new update that adds specific Australian English support for more accurate predictions.

SwiftKey has analysed 14 billion words of existing messages to create a specific Australian English option. Existing SwiftKey users can download the update by refreshing their language list.

While our spelling is largely identical to UK English, the sentence constructions used in Australia do vary. Some weird and trivial examples SwiftKey discovered: Australians are twice as likely to use the word 'mate' than their UK counterparts, but display less evidence of incipient alcoholism. Brits typically follow the word 'drink' with 'anything', 'plenty', 'much' or 'all', while Australians favour 'soon' or 'coffee'.

To mark the new release, SwiftKey is on sale for $1.99. This isn't as a good a deal as the recent 99 cent special, but it's still half-price. SwiftKey officials told us the special will run for "a week or two".



    Weird, it was $3.99 for me just then.

    Any idea when the price is reduced, as your link shows the price being $3.99

    I've just made the change from Android back to iphone and I'm already missing SwiftKey!

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