How To Fold Dinner Napkins Like A Fancy Person

How To Fold Dinner Napkins Like A Fancy Person

I personally believe everyone should know three origami folds: A paper crane, a paper money ring, and at least one fancy way to fold a dinner napkin. The best site to teach you how to fold a napkin is Animated Napkins.

Make A Houseguest Guide With Alexa

The Houseguest Guide on Alexa Skill Blueprints lets you program your Alexa to answer questions for housesitters, babysitters and other guests. You can explain the TV remotes, the garbage routine, and the trick to make the shower work, and Alexa will wrap it all inside a Houseguest Guide skill.

The Best Christmas Party Is Russian New Year’s

Holiday parties are often more trouble than they’re worth. By the time December’s half over and you’ve survived a sloppy open bar or three, the idea of leaving the house ever again can be pretty unappetizing. This year, take a cue from the Russians: Stay in and throw a banging…