Australians Should Be Cautious With Windows 8 Express Install

If you're setting up Windows 8 on a new machine, you'll be offered an 'Express Install' option that uses common settings. That makes the process faster, but you'll need to be careful: for at least some versions, Express Install will set the US as your location rather than Australia.

That was certainly the case when I installed the trial version of the Pro edition recently, though it might not be the case when download copies specifically for Australia are released on October 26.

To avoid the issue if you do spot it during Express Install, either skip Express Install and change the region when you're asked during installation, or alter the Region settings after setup (search for Region from the Start screen and look in Settings). Changing your region to Australia should automatically change your language to English (Australia). You might prefer to switch to UK English, since that changes spelling in Windows dialogs and will largely match Australian preferences.


    And we all know what trouble that can be on Xbox360/XboxLive... (my brothers main profile has been stuck on UK for years as Microsoft won't let you change it!)

    Also, when changing to UK English, be mindful that it may change your keyboard settings to UK layout.

    All of a sudden your @ key which you need to setup your MS account (email address) becomes a " key instead

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