Dolphin Browser Adds Night Mode, Themes, Master Password

Dolphin Browser Adds Night Mode, Themes, Master Password and More

Android: Dolphin Browser — our pick for best browser on Android — has updated and added the ability to customise the browser's design. The latest version also returns the browser's "night mode" and adds a master password feature.

Night mode was a popular feature that was (oddly) removed in a previous update, but now it's back in the form of an add-on. While you're exploring the Dolphin web store, you can find skins to alter the appearance of the browser. Finally, you can create a master password to access all of your other passwords stored within the browser.

Dolphin Browser [Google Play Store via Android Police]


    I was using dolphin, but after the last few updates it was really slow to load web pages, the progress bar would move very quickly to around 90% then it would take a minute or 2 to finish loading (in the mean time the screen was blank) then the page would appear, very annoying.
    Started using chrome but I'm not a big fan, might have to give Dolphin another look.

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    If you are a Dolphin fan because of privacy, then I highly recommend checking out Ravetree. It's a social platform that also has great privacy. I can't wait until a majority of people are using privacy-based products like these (and DuckDuckGo, HushMail, etc.). Say "YES" to privacy!

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