Dolphin Browser For Android Adds Syncing, Featured Webzines

Dolphin Browser, our pick for best web browser for Android, introduces a new Connect feature to sync your settings such as bookmarks and gestures, as well as showcased sites for its magazine-like Webzine mode.

Lifehacker is one of the 16 Featured Webzine sites you can view in Dolphin Browser, but you can view other websites in this easy-on-the-eyes, distraction-free view as well.

Most exciting in the version 7 update is the Dolphin Connect feature, which will save your browsing preferences such as your gestures, bookmarks and other preferences, but you'll need to sign up for a Dolphin Connect account to store and sync that data.

The new Dolphin version will only be available on GetJar until this Sunday, October 23, according to ReadWriteWeb, so hurry on over for the app.

Dolphin for Android [GetJar via ReadWriteWeb]


    Have they sorted out a way of simply changing the default search engine yet?

    Given that Android is a Google product, why haven't they ported Chrome over yet? Seems like that would be a no brainer. They've done it for FF although I'm still waiting for the Android purpose built version.

      Don't quote me on this, but I was of the understanding Firefox for Android is a new purpose built browser - that shares it's name with the desktop counterpart. Sure there's compatibility between the two, but doesn't mean they're the same.

      By the same respect, Google could have called their Android browser "Chrome for Android"; but it wouldn't mean squat.

        They are building an Android version of Firefox, and there is already a version that will run on it but not very well. I hadn't thought about the stock browser being an Android version of Chrome though, if that's what you were talking about?

          No, that’s not what I was talking about at all.

          My point was that Firefox Android is not merely a port from Firefox for Windows – it’s pretty much a brand new browser with the name “Firefox” on it – so use it as an argument as to why Chrome hasn’t been ported to Android is stupid.

            Er.. not arguing about anything bud, just confused is all. Anyway Ice Cream sandwich is out soon, so hopefully the stock browser on that will be an improvement on the current one which is good but tends to crash.

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