Dolphin Browser Updates With A New Interface, Is Faster Than Ever

Android: Dolphin Browser, our favourite browser for Android, just updated with a completely overhauled layout, quick-access buttons in the bottom corner, a new full-screen mode and more built-in mini-apps. Best of all, it's even faster now than it was before.

Dolphin for Android has always been fast, and it's even faster with the addition of Dolphin Jetpack (although it can take a toll on your battery). The latest version renders pages even more quickly, and you'll notice it more on sites you visit frequently. The new interface adds full-screen options and a quick-toggle button at the bottom-left of the screen to switch between open tabs, toggle Dolphin Sonar, the browser's voice and gesture-activated search and navigation tool, or to open the settings and options slider at the bottom of the screen.

The browser also still offers mini-apps or add-ons that you can view by swiping from right to left at the right side of your screen. Think of them like extensions for Dolphin that allow you to quickly save and share with other apps you use, such as Evernote, LastPass, XMarks and Even if you already have the app in question installed on your Android phone, using a Dolphin add-on brings the app's features right into the browser instead of forcing you to open or switch to another app.

Some of these features have been around for a while, but today's update streamlines them and makes them easier to find and use. Hit the link below to grab the latest version, available now for Android phones and tablets. iOS users can expect to see the same layout and some of the same updates heading their way soon.

Dolphin Browser (free) [Google Play]


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