Dolphin Browser For Android Adds Voice Search

Android: Voice control seems to be spreading to just about every app these days and Dolphin — our favourite web browser for Android — wasn't about to be left out of the party. The latest release adds a feature called Sonar, allowing you to search the web with the power of your voice.

Sonar works like most voice-activated features: you tape the microphone and speak a command. What you can say to Dolphin is pretty interesting. Aside from initiating basic search commands, you can specify specific sites (like Facebook and eBay) to search within them directly. Voice commands can also be used to access browser functionality like bookmarks and basic navigation. This update is currently available for download in the Android Market, free as usual.

Dolphin Browser (free) [Android Marketplate]


    Dolphin is pretty much the only choice for Android, so this is handy to have, however I think they need to do a bit more work on making the plethora of addons for it more stable. Even something as important as the PDF viewer is very buggy., I just hope they've done their homework on this one.

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