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Just when we thought life had become simple, with just one "version" of Windows to persist in perpetuity, Microsoft has announced that their half-yearly updates will be given different names depending on where you live. That's because someone in Redmond realised that the seasons are named differently in different parts of the world and that when it's Fall in the US, it's not Fall everywhere else.


User interface design is hard, but we've been getting better at it over the years to the point where even a thermostat is easy to use. Automakers, however, seem to have their heads in the sand, taking their design inspiration for their infotainment consoles from old Winamp skins instead of any type of modern interface.


Last week, a group calling themselves the ShadowBrokers leaked malware that was used by the NSA to target computers running Windows. It was a striking data dump that potentially put millions of Windows users at risk. Luckily, Microsoft says they have already patched the vulnerabilities.