Internode Injects Extra Data Into Broadband Plans

Internode Injects Extra Data Into Broadband Plans

Internode has boosted the data quota for customers on its Easy Broadband and Easy Bundle plans. The new plans feature up to 40GB of extra data per month at no extra cost.

Customers on Internode’s Easy Broadband 30 plan and Easy Broadband 60 plan will have their data quotas raised from 30GB to 50GB per month. The Easy Broadband 60 plan, meanwhile, increases from 60 GB to 100 GB a month. The Easy Bundle 30 and 60 plans, meanwhile, have increased to 60 GB and 100 GB respectively.

All plans have been renamed with the relevant numeral to align with the increased data quota. The changes will take effect in the next few days. For more information, pay a visit to the Internode website.

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  • Only because they ripped data out of them. The Easy Broadband was introduced as $49.95 for 50GB. So I see it’s just returned to what it used to be.

    Clever marketing!!

  • a while back these guys uped my naked dsl plan by $10. but the price was reduced by $10 for the same amount of data for new customers. figure that one out.

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