Internode Ditches 60 Broadband Plans In Major Simplification

Internode Ditches 60 Broadband Plans In Major Simplification

It was only back in November that Internode revamped its existing Easy plans. Now the popular ISP has dumped virtually every other option, stripping its existing set of 78 plans down to just four main services, with extra option packs available. Here’s what’s on offer.

The Easy range covers four options: standard Easy Broadband (using Internode’s own equipment), Easy Bundle (which includes home phone services), Easy Naked (offering naked DSL options) and Easy Reach (Internode reselling access to the Telstra network). As ever, which options you can access at a location will depend on the equipment installed in your local exchange — if it’s Telstra-only, Easy Reach is your sole option. Internode calculates it now offers a total of 18 basic plans (based on download limits), compared to the 78 it offered before.

Rather than having separate business plans, Internode is offering two “option packs” which can be combined with any existing service. For $10 a month, the Power Pack option lets you have a static IP address, doesn’t count uploads and offers a higher shaping speed (512Kbps upstream and downstream) if you exceed your quota. The $30 Business Pack offers priority support, the option of usage-based charging for excess rather than shaping and a service level agreement for availability.

If you’re already on an existing Internode plan, you can continue with it, but as of today, only the Easy plans will be offered for sale to new customers.

Like the sound of the new options? Still prefer to stick with your current Internode plan? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.



  • It’s better Value, for example the SOHO Extreme 100 Plan converts to the Easy S :: 150 Gigabytes Plan Plus The Power Pack.
    This is 50GB more and Save $20 a month for the same service.

  • I enjoy being an Internode customer… great value, TOP quality service… always innovating and adding new features to products…

    BUT… if I have one negative to say, it’s that they are like kids with A.D.D. drinking red cordial on a windy day when it comes to revamping their product range (plans).

    Would love to go back over last 3 years or so and see how many times they have made a big deal about newly launched plans, and how what they have just announced that day will really make things easier for everyone…

    And then 3-4 months later they do it again… and then again… It’s like the person who says… “No no… really… THIS time I’ve done it the right way.. it’s so perfect you won’t BELIEVE how perfect it all is…” and here’s why our old plans were crap, and these are so perfect.

    Then they wash-rinse-repeat the whole thing a few months laters… Have not even bothered to read today’s latest waffle.. Will wait for the Internode Customer email to arrive and have a good chuckle at how “PERFECTLY PERFECT” these new plans are… 🙂

  • What happened to the plans with un-metered uploads…..
    Didn’t think Internode where going to completely go down that bandwagon. I am pleased I changed my plan a few days ago now as I will stick with my current Grandfathered plan.

  • The reasons why internode seemed to have constantly changed their available plan’s is due to volatile market conditions. To me, all of the plan changes that people have seen over the last couple years is due to a proactive agenda from Internode.

    They have and still provide great value.

  • Sweet just switched my plan from 70GB a month to 150GB a month for the same price.

    And you guys asking for unmetered uploads… just add it on it’s only $10 extra a month now…

    • True, but if you love p2p file-sharing, getting the Power pack will make it easier for ARIA to get your details to send that summons, not that it was that hard now. On the other hand, adding that pack will make hosting a server much easier.

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