iiNet Boosts Monthly Data Quotas

iiNet Boosts Monthly Data Quotas

Fresh on the heels of Internode’s data plans boost, iiNet has significantly increased the monthly data on its own broadband and bundled offerings. The updated plans offer up to 80GB of extra data per month.

iiNet customers on a bundled Home-1 plan will have their data limits increased from 20GB to 100GB per month. Unbundled customers, meanwhile, will see their quota jump from 20GB to 50GB.

iiNet’s business customers will also receive a boost, with Basic Bundle plans and Broadband One plans increasing from 50GB to 100GB per month and 20GB to 50GB per month, respectively.

For more information on the new data plans, pay a visit to iiNet’s website.

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  • ill be glad when nbn makes it to my area and i can get rid of the copper crap for good.

  • The only plan that seems to have changed is the mentioned Home-1. I’m on Home-2 and it’s still sitting at 200Gb like it has been for a long while now.

  • Went to look, my plan remains unchanged. I guess just like my shitty ADSL connection that cuts out every time it rains.

    I also note iiNet now have a usage graph that doesn’t work on Linux.

    WTF(ail) iiNet.

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