Internode Increases Download Quotas, Double Data Block Size

We’re never going to complain when we’re offered more data without having to spend more money. Internode has increased the quotas on several of its Easy plans, and also doubled the data allowances on the add-on Data Blocks for heavy users.

Monthly allowances on basic Easy plans have been increased from 300GB to 400GB per month. The Easy Broadband 600 and Easy Naked 600 plans have seen their allowance double from 600GB to 1200GB, and the Naked plan is now $10 a month cheaper. Customers on the existing 1200GB plans will have their monthly charges cut to match the new offering.

The data allocations for Data Blocks (which users can purchase to add extra downloads if they run over in a given month) have also doubled. $10 now scores you 10GB; $15 20GB; $30 50GB; $50 100GB; and $80 200GB. The $5 2GB Data Block is unchanged.


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