Internode Increases Download Quotas, Double Data Block Size

Internode Increases Download Quotas, Double Data Block Size

We’re never going to complain when we’re offered more data without having to spend more money. Internode has increased the quotas on several of its Easy plans, and also doubled the data allowances on the add-on Data Blocks for heavy users.

Monthly allowances on basic Easy plans have been increased from 300GB to 400GB per month. The Easy Broadband 600 and Easy Naked 600 plans have seen their allowance double from 600GB to 1200GB, and the Naked plan is now $10 a month cheaper. Customers on the existing 1200GB plans will have their monthly charges cut to match the new offering.

The data allocations for Data Blocks (which users can purchase to add extra downloads if they run over in a given month) have also doubled. $10 now scores you 10GB; $15 20GB; $30 50GB; $50 100GB; and $80 200GB. The $5 2GB Data Block is unchanged.



  • ive been with Internode for over 4 years and they have never given me a damn thing extra, except to increase the price from $60 to $70 per month, while at the same time allowing new customers to have the same plan for $60. next place i move to will never have Internode connected.
    *edit i have been expecting to move from this house for about 6 months, thats why i have just stuck with them, when i move ill be shopping around.

    • Grass is always greener os7.

      I left Internode because they screwed me royally. I paid extra for unlimited content at one stage, but because I had been a heavy user on a different Internode plan, they throttled me from day1 – so that I lost the first week – which was just plain dishonest. I was paying a premium for dial-up speeds. Thanks Internode.

      But, I changed service providers – and they really haven’t been much better. Shitty modem that was delivered WITHOUT firmware, a modem that wouldn’t work once I put firmware on – and never ended up working, refusal to investigate line noise when the plan was a naked plan.. The list went on.

      If anything surprises me, it’s that TPG is supposedly good. I’ve never been with them, but they strike me as very dodgy. Looks can be deceiving.

      • That’s funny, because within the last four years this is the second or third data cap increase I’ve had with them, with only one of them coming at an increased price.

    • Yeah you usually have to ring them to get the change. If you’re calling them and they say no, I understand your fury. But if you’re just expecting them to do it automatically, then you’re a bit silly.

  • Internode is playing with small numbers and they are getting left behind. Out-gunned by the likes of TPG, Optus and even the little old what use to be overpriced Telstra.

  • Wow, looks like Internode is still a rip off. So glad I moved to TPG – I actually connect 1 Mbps quicker (alot when its 6Mbps), I now get ZERO dropouts as opposed to years worth of headaches from continual dropouts with Internode – and I have unlimited downloads for $60 or 70.

    You’d be crazy to go with Internode.

  • Still no movement on NBN plans. I suppose that’s not all bad since Telstra have only raised their NBN plan prices in the short time offering them. iiNet is much better value for what is now the same network.

  • To all the haters: I’m limited to a Bigpond Wireless plan with 12 gig usage at $80 per month. I find these deals good!

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