eBay Unveils Feed-Centric Look

eBay has made a fairly striking change to its home page. Tell eBay what you’re most frequently looking for, and it will hit you up with relevant content under an interface revamp designed to cover your interests more closely.

eBay now uses a feed mechanism based off your purchase history and any additional content you choose to let it know you’re interested in, because eBay would love to have yet more marketing data to work from for free.

It’s an interesting look, although it does highlight that you’ve got to be rather precise in letting eBay know exactly what you’re interested in. Logging into my own eBay account, it picked up (quite rightly) that I’m interested in retro gaming — and then proceeded to suggest that the craptacular Petz series of Nintendo DS games might be of interest. Nobody — and I mean nobody — should buy those games.



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