The 20 Most Popular Gadgets On eBay Australia

The 20 Most Popular Gadgets On eBay Australia

Selling your old phone on eBay to make some money to pay for the next one is a common tactic. But which models attract the most attention? This list of the 20 most-searched for keywords reaffirms our experience: it’s largely about Apple.

Picture: Getty Images/Mario Tama

These were the 20 most popular searches on eBay Australia during 2014:


  1. iPhone 4
  2. iPhone 4s
  3. iPhone 5s
  4. iPad
  5. Laptop
  6. iPhone 5 case
  7. iPhone
  8. iPhone 4
  9. Samsung Galaxy S3
  10. PS4


  1. Samsung Galaxy S4
  2. iPhone 6
  3. iPhone 4 case
  4. TV
  5. Xbox One
  6. Mobile Phones
  7. PS3
  8. GoPro
  9. iPad Mini
  10. Samsung Galaxy S5


The lesson? If you’re looking to sell an older model iPhone, chances are someone will be interested. You’ll still have to price it competitively, but there’s a definite market there.


  • I like how the galaxy s4 is more popular than the s5. and the s3 is more popular that the s4. Samsung going downhill?

    • Probably because older models can be pretty cheap and still be more than enough for most people. I know people still using iPhone 3G & 3GS… I still have an iPhone 4 as my phone works fine for what I need it for.

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