Ebay Is Having A Sale On Furry Masks. Wait... What?

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For a limited time, you can score 34% off furry masks with moving mouths on eBay! In related news, furries are mainstream now. Apparently.

For the few sheltered souls among you who have never peeked at the web's underbelly, a "furry" is someone who dresses up and identifies as an anthropomorphic animal. Think Mickey Mouse or Krystal out of Star Fox, but real.

The furry lifestyle is a totally harmless subculture that nobody need fear. According to suspiciously piqued protestations from the furry community, it also has very little to do with kinky sex.

Nonetheless, it's not something you expect to see plastered on eBay in the cold light of day. Lovehoney, maybe. But eBay? No way.

Currently, you can score 34% off furry masks at Global Gear's eBay store. They're actually called 'Moving Mouth Animal Masks' but come on - what function could they possibly serve other than fulfilling the zoological fantasies of furries?

Here's the product description:

"This is one awesome high quality cosplay furry mask, the mouth will even move with your mouth as there is a chin mount inside."

Chin mount. Brrr.

There are nine options to choose from, including a wolf, a panda, a bull and - most terrifying of all - a parrot.


All models cost $59 each, down from $89. If you're that way inclined - and we're totally not judging - you can check out the full range here.

The store also has a range of movie memorabilia for sale, including replica swords from The Hobbit and Transformers. (Personally, we think the furry masks are more socially acceptable.) Click here to see the full sale.

How To Interact With Furries In Public

A "furry" is someone who enjoys dressing up in anthropomorphic animal costumes. While the subculture is much larger in the US, there is a sizeable community here in Australia with at least two annual furry conventions - Confurgence in Melbourne and Furdu in Surfer's Paradise.

If you happen to cross paths with a troupe of furries, there's no reason to be alarmed. However, you need to behave the right way so that everyone remains comfortable.

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    I'm sorry but I completely draw the line at this..It's way to close to the evil abominations that are mascots

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