Grab 1Password For 50% Off

Grab 1Password For 50% Off

OS X/iOS: 1Password, one of our favorite password managers, is currently 50 per cent off for Mac and iPhone/iPad users. If you’ve been tempted by this elegant and robust password manager but put off by the high price, now it might be worth another look.

Usually $18.99 on iOS and $50.99 on Mac, if you download 1Password today, you’ll pay $9.49 for the iOS version and $25.99 for the Mac desktop software.

For that price, 1Password will encrypt all your logins, bank account details, credit cards and other information using 256-bit AES encryption. There’s also a Windows version (that can be synced with your 1Password database over Dropbox) available for $US24.99.

Note that the iOS versions are 4.2.1, but the Mac version in the App store is 3.9.6. 1Password’s developer, AgileBits, has also recently opened up a beta program for 1Password 4 for Mac.

1Password still isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s a complete password tool beloved by many. At half off, it’s even more tempting. There’s no word on when this limited-time sale ends, so hit up the links below if you’re interested.

1Password for OS X ($25.99) [Mac App Store via Gizmodo]

1Password for iOS ($9.49) [iTunes App Store]


  • At its regular price i wouldn’t buy it at 50% im considering it. Though god knows when they will have ‘v4’ for windows, they are still on v1 after more than 3 years. It’s clear they don’t really care about windows.

    I bought the v3 on iOS for $10ish then a month or two later they came out with v4 and i had to buy it again.

  • So $24.95 is supposed to be a bargain? Even at 50% off, this software is way over priced compared to RoboForm, which by the way works on both Windows and Mac. Anyone thinking about this should go to RoboForm and get it for $9.95.

    • Actually $24.95 is a bargain if you compare it to RoboForm, which is $9.95 for the first year and $19.95 every year after that (considering you dont need to upgrade 1password every year)

  • I was looking for a Mac solution and saw it was half off, checked into what Brent mentioned though. Robo looks pretty legitimate to me, tried calling in to get more info from them about it and I actually got a real person. I was so surprised I actually had forgotten why I called. Felt too guilty to call back. Can’t really complain robo has a free version even after the trial by the looks of that, if nothing else it doesn’t look like that 9.95 pricing is going anywhere anytime soon.

  • I really loved 1Password but was too limited by the many internet connected devices I use and the lack of cross platform compatibility offered with 1Password. I made the switch to RoboForm based on the suggestion of other users in the Apple support forum and have never looked back, great program, great support, widest range of compatibility on the market. I highly recommend check in out the free version of RoboForm before purchasing a password manager.

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