1Password For iOS Gets iCloud Sync, 50% Off For A Limited Time

1Password For iOS Gets iCloud Sync, 50% Off For A Limited Time

iOS: The password management tool 1Password has released a brand new iPhone and iPad version that brings an entire new interface, significantly improved syncing and a brand new browser. It also features iCloud syncing, so you can sync it with the Mac app once it has been updated.

The biggest difference you’ll notice in 1Password right away is that it gets rid of the old pin-code lock and replaces it with a master password. The entire interface is new, and you can easily access all your locked-away information. The built-in web browser also gets tabbed browsing and better support for accessing your password database. This is a new release — not an update — so if you’re a user of an older version, you’ll have to purchase it again.

1Password ($8.49 on sale, $17.99 regular price) [iTunes App Store]


  • Quite peeved this is not a free update, i paid $10 for v3 earlier this year, and i’ve used it no more than 5 times because it was so awful, now i’d have to spend another $9 to see if the new one is any better.

  • Interesting release. However, I prefer SplashData’s SplashID Safe cool pattern-lock master safe over the master pin-lock introduced. It provides a great user experience. In fact, they have released a separate edition in case one opts to maximize the benefit from iPad’s large-screen feature.

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