How to Find Apple-Approved Independent Repair Shops for Your Mac

You wouldn’t catch me at an Apple retail store unless smoke was pouring out of my Mac. And even in the best of pandemic times, waiting at the Genius Bar to get some appointment-less help with your laptop (or worse, your desktop) isn’t the most fun experience.

Should You Buy a New Mac Right Now or Wait for ARM?

Apple recently announced plans to pivot its Macs from Intel hardware to ARM-based chips that the company will be developing itself. However, the shift to ARM won’t happen all at once, meaning both Intel and ARM-based Mac models will be available at the same time. If you’re thinking about a…

Everything You Need to Watch Netflix in 4K on Your Mac

Several Mac desktops and laptops have all the hardware they need to stream 4K HDR video from services like Netflix, but they’ve been hamstrung by Safari’s limited video codec support. Luckily, Apple is updating its stock browser with support for the HEVC codec so users can finally watch 4K HDR…