1Password Redesigned For iOS 7, Adds Multiple Vault Support

1Password Redesigned for iOS 7, Adds Multiple Vault Support, and More

iOS: Password manager 1Password got a big overhaul today, including a whole new design for iOS 7, quick switching between password vaults, and a new browser.

The most noticeable feature in 1Password is the revamped design, which brings it in line with iOS 7's overall aesthetic. Otherwise, the app now allows you to easily switch between vaults, a new browser that's faster, and improved integration with the desktop version.

The multiple vault support is especially handy for when you want to segregate your data a bit so that all your personal information isn't packed into a single area. The app's also on sale right now.

1Password ($10.99/sale) [iTunes App Store via Cult of Mac]


    Any ideas when we will see this kind of update for those of us on android? The redesigned browser looks great! also having access to multiple vaults would be handy.

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