1Password Gets A Redesigned, More Functional Android App

1Password Gets A Redesigned, More Functional Android App

Android: 1Password users will be happy to hear this news: The 1Password Android app is finally a full-fledged mobile password manager, and actually looks good too.

In a major redesign, the Android app has gone from a clunky-looking read-only app to one that now generates passwords, edits passwords and saves new ones, and organises logins better with folders and favourites.

You can sync your passwords file to PC, Mac or iOS over Dropbox or though a local folder on your Android device (which you would then need to sync somehow).

The app is free until 1 August — after that it will resort to read-only mode and will require an in-app purchase (price not yet determined) to add logins and notes or edit existing items.

I’ve been using 1Password on Android (and Mac, PC, and iOS) for some time now, but the Android version has been sorely lacking in features. This update really modernises the app and makes it much more pleasant to use. If you’re not already using a password manager, give it a shot. The Android limitations have been removed — at least until August.

1Password (Free) [Google Play]