Get Steakhouse-Quality Crust On Grilled Steak With A Quick Freeze

If you want to grill a steak that tastes as good as one you might order at a steakhouse, you need that delicious, caramelised crust. Cook's Country offers a super-simple way any home griller can achieve that perfect steakhouse crust.

Picture: Liz Lawley/Flickr

The secret is to rub the steaks with a mixture of salt and cornstarch, then freeze the steaks for 30 minutes before grilling. The salt and cornstarch draw moisture to the surface of the steaks, where it evaporates — resulting in the dry exterior you need for formidable crust. Freezing for a short time also causes rapid evaporation on the surface but a tender and juicy centre.

When you're ready to grill, just season the steaks with pepper and sear them over the hot fire.

How to Make the Best Steaks [Cook's Country]


    Must admit, I'm a bit dubious about any cooking method prescribed by Americans.

    I prefer to "dry-age" my steaks in the fridge overnight (uncovered on a rack), leave them on the bench (covered) to get up to room temp and give them a good dry-brine (cover with lots of salt) 15 mins before cooking while the pan gets hot. Steaks shouldn't be cold when you cook them. You also shouldn't season with pepper until after the steak has cooked. Charred meat is delicious, charred pepper is not.

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