Briefly: Google Maps The Grand Canyon, Microsoft Service Packs

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including Google panoramas of the Grand Canyon, Microsoft updating Business Contact Manager and Forefront Identity Manager, and LCA2014 in Perth.

  • Can't afford a trip to Las Vegas? Google has uploaded 9500 panoramas of the Canyon to Google Maps, filmed with the 15-lens Trekker system. We like how the screen displays 'Address is approximate' when showing the canyon.
  • Microsoft has updated its CRM-lite Outlook add-on Business Contact Manager to version 4. Users running Outlook 2007 will need to perform a full reinstall, while Outlook 2010 can patch their existing system.
  • Higher up the food chain, Microsoft has also issued Service Pack 1 for its Forefront Identity Manager. The updates includes support for Windows 8 and Outlook 2013.
  • I've sent most of the week at in Canberra for our World Of Servers series. Next year's event will be in Perth from 20-24 January, 2014. Seems likely I'll be there as usual.
  • Amazon Web Services has extended its Simple Workflow Service to work in all regional locations, including its Sydney data centre. Simple Workflow has also updated to include finer-grained access control.


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