Google Maps Goes Under The Oceans At The Great Barrier Reef

Google Maps has covered cycling routes, weather and Antarctica, but hasn't gone underwater — until now. Maps has added a series of panoramas for underwater locations, including the Great Barrier reef as well as locations in Hawaii and the Phillipines.

You're not likely to use these to actually guide you if you are in those areas, but the panoramas are impressive. Beats looking at mangled Apple maps any day. The Great Barrier Reef also features on Google's World Wonders site. Hit the blog post below for direct links to some of the cooler oceanic images.

Dive into the Great Barrier Reef with the first underwater panoramas in Google Maps [Official Google Blog]


    Interesting that they are starting on marine parks but national parks with walking trails are not covered.

      Marine parks are probably easier.. just need to go in the right season then take a photo at certain spots of the ocean and not be stupidly accurate where its location is

    You see this is where Apple map beat Google. They have planned for the second world flood by placing some destinations under water already.

    Will they blur out the faces of sea animals?

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