2012 Lifehacker Awards: Best Broadband ISP

2012 Lifehacker Awards: Best Broadband ISP

Another day, yet more awards! Today’s category in the 2012 Lifehacker Awards is Best Broadband ISP. Who connected with readers and our editor?

Readers’ Choice: iiNet

2012 Lifehacker Awards: Best Broadband ISP

iiNet likes to boast that it’s the second-biggest provider in Australia behind Telstra; the fact that it remains so popular proves that becoming a large company doesn’t have to mean screwing everything up. Good-value broadband, excellent customer service and a huge range of inclusions in its Freezone make iiNet the one to beat for Lifehacker readers. [clear]

Editor’s Pick: iiNet

2012 Lifehacker Awards: Best Broadband ISP

I’m singling out iiNet for a slightly odd reason: it hasn’t ruined Internode by acquiring it. I wrote almost a year ago about how the Internode buyout made me sad, and that I worried it would lose its distinctive character. That hasn’t happened: Internode still has separate pricing and doesn’t impose peak/off-peak distinctions, but has seen benefits from iiNet (including shifting customers away from Telstra exchanges). [clear]

Stay tuned throughout the week; we’ll announce a new category winner each day.


  • Agree with your comments Angus – iiNet also acquired Netspace and I’ve found Netspace have still continued on offering excellent service and competitive products, with the benefit of all the iiNet perks.

  • I personally voted for Amnet due to their awesome service and support, but I must say iINet was the clear winner.

    I was with them for a good few years, and they never let me down! Only switched to Amnet for the extra P2P allowance, and massive bandwidth.

  • I’ve had my issues with iiNet (still not overly happy about my line speed issues, or the $110 worth of phone calls they made me clock up in support calls when my Naked DSL stopped working), but they pale in comparison to the good experiences I’ve had with them. They even still let my parents use their iHug accounts, and iiNet bought them out 9 years ago.

  • I used iiNet right up until they released their “naked ADSL” plan. While the ADSL worked fine, the calls that somehow “went missing” to our phone were a dealbreaker. Especially when callers got a “leave a message” note, and assumed we were getting the messages.
    SO – Had to change phone back, and they wanted to charge me for the bad experience. Ended up with Optus. When it comes to PHONES, their service is rock solid [so far].

  • Have to say from my recent experience, Customer Service at iinet is on the way down. All I wanted to do was to transfer my service to a new address, but the lack of Customer Service and Customer Loyalty they have shown has made me cancel my service. They kept promising call-backs, which rarely materialized. When a call back was received, I had to wait for the agent to get on the call and then they did not know what they were calling about. I’ve never found their speeds that great and I’m not that far from my exchange.

    I think that the reason given for the Editor’s Choice is a poor one. They should be judged on customer service, reliability, uptime, cost etc.

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