Lifehacker Awards 2012: Nominate Your Favourite Broadband ISP

Lifehacker Awards 2012: Nominate Your Favourite Broadband ISP

Our 2012 Lifehacker Awards nomination process continues. Today, we’re seeking your candidates for the best broadband internet service provider.

Whether you get your broadband via ADSL, cable or NBN, we want nominations for the best service provider. (Note we’re not covering mobile broadband here; that will be a separate category.)

Tell us who your favourites are in the comments. Traditional favourites have been iiNet and Internode, but now that Internode is itself part of iiNet, will that change? We’ll find out when voting kicks off next week.


  • I’ve been with Internode for a long, long time now, and their service has been consistently great. I do wish they weren’t quite so pricey, but they’re still a pleasure to do business with.

  • can’t really compare too much, but i’m a fan of iinet. Prices are pretty good, efficient service, never really had any technical issues, an ddoesn’t take itself too seriously.

  • I’ve been with spintel for a couple of months. they were the only person in my town who had available adsl2+ ports as everybody else was full house (tpg were going to put me on a ‘waiting list’ for somebody to move out so I could steal their port.. lovely…).

    They also offer complete unlimited adsl2+ which is amazing and the upload speed is not too shabby.

    Their support line is congested most of the time though, having wait times averaging about 40 minutes.

    Thankfully the only time I ever had to call support was because I needed to pay my bill cause I forgot :P.

    While I haven’t been with them for too long, i’m not very happy with what they have provided.

  • After having used Bigpond, TPG and Optus over the years, I signed up with iiNet just based on price but they have been fantastic so far.

    TPG on the other hand I had quite a few issues, though they were cheap so I wasn’t expecting much.

  • Happily been connected with TPG ADSL2+ for the last 6 months, no problems whatsoever.
    Incredibly fast connection as i’m less than 800m from the exchange and using a TPG DSLAM.

  • iiNet
    – My phone line died recently and the Telstra representative stuffed up the connection on the MDF. iiNet sent out a technician to resolve without cost to me.
    – XBox unmetered
    – IVR automated callback on the support line – love this.
    – Tech support will offer to call you back on your mobile to save you money – love this more
    – Competitive plans – honestly not the best but they stack up pretty darn well considering the service level I get.

  • Internode. A bit higher on the $$$ than I’d like – but they were most helpful when the install process went awry (thanks Tel$tra). Not convinced that their adventure into mobile services is worth pursuing – but NodePhone adds decent value to their ‘naked’ service.

    Disclosure: I own Telstra shares.

  • Have been with Westnet (before iiNet bought them out), iiNet and now Amnet.

    All three have had outstanding performance, and generally some pretty amazing support- iiNet was actually the only ISP I was recommending for a while there – but I am going to have to go with Amnet.

    They have some amazing AUSTRALIAN support, easy to deal with, competitive prices with huge quotas and benefits such as uploads not counting, seperate P2P quota, etc.. and it’s all wrapped up in a nice cheap bundle that is just leaking with value.

    For the gamers, a low latency ping is the norm with amnet, and for the downloaders and P2Pers, high speed downloads come consistently with great support for P2P.

    Have also had the chance to speak to an Amcom rep who sponsors rflan over here in WA ( and they’re great guys.

    Always recommending amnet now – even had the boss switch and he’s been telling me how good they are for the last 4 months!

    So +1 to amnet 🙂

  • I loved Amnet when i was with them but I moved and now am stuck with Telstra. I don’t have any other options so -1 to Telstra but +1 for Amnet. They were awesome with support ect.

  • I was with Internode, and they would be my vote BUT i recently changed to TPG Unlimited, and i’ve been very surprised and impressed.

    Installation was a breeze, took about 2 weeks (naked service on Internode, migrating to TPG Naked) but there was no downtime, just like TPG said.
    *edit* Just looked it up – signed up 21 Sept, connected Oct 3.

    I still get line speed at any time of the day or night, about 10mbps and connected on a VPN to the Netherlands or Luxembourg the speed can get up to 9mbps. Sync speed is 10.1mbps currently but does fluctuate by up to 500kbps as the modem restarts each day. Lowest i’ve seen it is 9.5. That is still higher than internode’s DSLAM was able to give me (same modem).

    Can’t comment on support as i’ve never had to call them – but that’s a win anyway – the best ISP team has a support phone number you don’t need to call.

    It’s unlimted for $60 with a static IP. Very happy customer. 5 star ISP for me.

  • Internode
    Despite the sale.
    Excellent ipV6 connection, good price, informed human beings to talk to, free radio, genuine full NZB account, download and update your spare Linux distro for free, talk to actual execs and managers on Whirlpool.
    No one else can match this stuff

  • I’m for iiNet, they’ve been amazing to me all the way through, and, I’m a huge fan of their standing up against the filter and associated idiocy regarding internet censorship.

  • Internode, though I expect my answer to be different next year. I’m not an iinet fan.

    _really_ hanging out for NBN, am SICK of being stuck on a fracking RIM.

  • Just left iiNet after 5 years only because I couldn’t transfer their service to my new address. Never experienced any issues with my Naked DSL plan. Would definitely have kept my account if I could.

  • Definitely iiNet. In the 3yrs I’ve been with them I’ve had several issue, due to ridiculous Telstra lines, and iinet have always resolved the issue quickly and without cost to me. Will never use any other ISP.

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