2012 Lifehacker Awards: Best Mobile Broadband

2012 Lifehacker Awards: Best Mobile Broadband

We like to reward those who do well. Today’s category in the 2012 Lifehacker Awards is Best Mobile Broadband. Who is keeping us connected on the road?

Readers’ Choice: Telstra

2012 Lifehacker Awards: Best Mobile Broadband

Telstra has been the dominant choice for mobile broadband ever since NextG became available, and its rapid rollout of 4G in high-population areas has kept it in prime position. It’s not the cheapest option available, but it’s still the clear choice for Lifehacker readers.


Editor’s Choice: Optus

2012 Lifehacker Awards: Best Mobile Broadband

Although Optus didn’t come up looking too flash in the speed department when I tested the beta version of its 4G service, those wrinkles had been well and truly ironed out by the time the commercial service launched. I’ve consistently found Optus beating Telstra in head-to-head speed comparisons. More importantly, it’s better for everyone if the market for mobile broadband remains competitive. [clear]

We’ll announce our final category winner on Saturday.


  • Optus.. Are you serious? Yes on the rare occasion you are in 4G range with Optus, it is usually faster than Telstra, but the reason why Telstra is the readers choice is because you get 4G in more areas and when you don’t get 4G, it drops down to a 3G network many thousands of times better than Optus. I think you should reconsider your vote…

  • i have just started a small retail store in a busy Sydney shopping centre. Both our mobile services are telstra, and so is my wireless card. wouldnt think of using anything else. naturally i used a telstra 3g card to power my hotspot which my POS terminals connect to. Last night (Thursday late night trading), the centre was busy. Telstra let me down massively. I couldnt even get a single page to load…across any of my devices. Too many people on the network. I grabbed an Optus prepaid service. Had it activated in minutes, and had internet restored to a very usable level once again. I was quite impressed with the service and reliability seeing how telstra failed. Back on Telstra this morning, and the service is intermittent. Its reassuring to know i have the optus device on hand as a failover.

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