Build Your Own Film/Video Rig This Weekend

Build Your Own Film/Video Rig This Weekend

As hobbies go, making videos can be expensive — a good reason for going DIY whenever possible. Here are some of our favourite projects for assembling video rig.

Note: These projects were mainly created for video use, but many of them can work for still photographers, too!

Stabilise Your Camera

simple chest mountfancier shoulder rig with microphonecheap but effective shoulder mount

Build Tools For Great Shots

make a pan mount out of a kitchen timerbuild a tabletop dolly out of PVC pipeskateboard wheelsmade from furniture sliders and a tripod

Set Up A Studio

easily build your own on the cheapyour tablet can make a decent softbox light

Upgrade Your HDSLR

notcheck out our guide

Get Good Sound

great four-input upgrade for the Zoom H2

Have a great weekend!


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