Make A Camera Shoulder Mount From An IKEA Chair

If you're shooting video on the go, a good rig is essential for image stability. If you don't want to pay full price for one, you can make a pretty good substitute with parts from an IKEA chair.At IKEA Hackers, Joost cannibalises the $79 Pello chair to make a rig/shoulder mount for his Canon 7D. It's a hack that requires a certain amount of DIY skill, but the results look good. Hit the link for full details.

PELLO camera shoulder mount / rig [IKEA Hackers]


    Whats the point of cannibalizing an expensive chair when you can get a dedicated shoulder support that will do the job for about half the price?

    Not sure if it's ok to post links here but I recently bought a "CowboyStudio Shoulder Support Pad" (just google it) from amazon for approx $50aud delivered to Syd & it is pretty great for the price. It's cheaper and you dont have to assemble it. Plus is has a strap and all the necessary fixtures to hold your camera etc.

    Kinda pointless hacking imho ;)

      Bah you miss the point of DIY, the aim is to make the best most custom thing ever but the reality we all accept in our hearts is that its going to be more expensive, not as good and a bit wobbly but at the end of the day its uniquely yours!

        Really? I do loads of DIY and I only ever do it if it's going to be cheaper and/or better than if I could have bought an equivalent. If it's more expensive and worse then you're deluding yourself.

    $5000 camera and hes using a crappy $80 support that will damage the focus or zoom ring because the wire is pulling at an angle? too much money and time on his it can only pull in one direction, once. A criteria for a successful hack is that it actually has to work and it shouldnt damage things around it, sorry but this is just crap and will be in the bin in a few days time, just one look and you can tell it wasnt thought through at all. reminds me of when we used to built billy carts as a kid, thing is we had age and a lack of income as an excuse for our crappy builds, this shows a lack of brains and forsight. could have been good if he took another week and put more planning and effort, could have really worked.

    reminds me of the neil young song p.o.c , haha how embarrassing, probobly had fun building it good stuff.

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