Build A DSLR Shoulder Rig

Build A DSLR Shoulder Rig

If you’re a filmmaker or just like to have family videos that don’t evoke The Blair Witch Project you may be interested in acquiring a shoulder mount to stabilise your DSLR camera when shooting videos. You can spend a lot of money buying a rig or build one with $US25 in hardware store parts.

Instructables user benfloom assembled his shoulder rig design after his frustration at not being able to find a commercial version below $US200. For this project you’ll need threaded steel rod, nuts, washers, aluminium flashing, foam pipe insulation, thumb screws, wing nuts, bolts and a few small pieces of wood.

The source link below gives you an exact list of what you need along with additional photos and instructions, but what you’re basically doing is building the frame of the shoulder rig with the wood and steel rod using nuts, bolts and thumb screws to keep everything adjustable. The aluminium flashing and foam pipe insulation will make the shoulder mount. The author plans to expand the shoulder rig with mounts for lights and a sound recorder.

If you’re just looking for stabilisation you can build a smaller DIY shoulder camera stabiliser that we featured two years ago. It’s less adjustable but more portable.

DSLR Shoulder Rig [Instructables]


  • Good luck getting all those parts in Australia! We don’t have real hardware stores any more, we’ve just been left with whatever crap Bunnings decides to sell to us.

  • OR if you really shop around on ebay and sites like you could buy a whole milled aluminium rig for about $150 and save yourself the hassle, very worth it if you are actually going to use the rig to work with

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