Make A Portable Green Screen On The Cheap

Make A Portable Green Screen On The Cheap

Imagine yourself on a beautiful, tropical holiday — or just fake it. For around $US40 and a couple of hours of your time, you can have a highly usable portable green screen that you can put anywhere.

IndyMogule takes you through the build steps and other things you’ll want to consider (like proper lighting), but basically, you’re going to need a bunch of PVC pipe and some thicker green fabric. It’s a pretty simple, intuitive process of just assembling the PVC pieces into a stable frame and hanging the green fabric tightly. I built a larger version back in 2006, and aside from cutting the pipe, it was a pretty effortless undertaking. I used it to make a video that got me involved with a very cool project at my job at the time, so never underestimate the wonders of where DIY can take you. Either way, it’s still pretty awesome to have a green screen you can collapse and take with you.

Green Screen on the Go Build [IndyMogul via WonderHowTo]


  • It’s important to test a sample of the green you want to use on your chosen camera and editing package before you buy or build. iMovie for instance can be quite picky about what shade of green it will accept as a green screen. Sucks to spend a while building (or in my case, recolouring foreground graphics)to find that the editor doesn’t think green is green enough…

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